Artbo Studio

Artbo – The Art of Being Outside

by Suzanne T. Bohay

I started Artbo in 2000 as a way to practice the art of web design. My original career as a technical illustrator, lost its creativity with the advent of computer aided design. However, computers offered another outlet for my creativity. Surprisingly… as a business analyst!

See my full professional profile on LinkedIn: Suzanne Bohay, Business Analyst.

My first job as a business analyst was analyzing the requirements of a large corporation’s first customer support website. Learning about the web inspired me to try creating my own sites.

We all know that it can be difficult to get a business off the ground or artistic talent noticed. To that end, I decided to try and create a platform for local artists. The first site I created was for my artist mother Pierrette Dulude-Bohay and then for her friend Shernya Vininsky.

Artists are still a group that I enjoy working with. As an artist, I understand the issues and trials artists face trying to share their vision with the world. In honor of my artist mother, I have continued to provide a platform for mostly plein-air artists to show their work to the world.

My work as a business analyst keeps me up to date on technologies and connected with different areas of the industry. But it also means I can’t offer 24/7support, COTS or OOTB customizations but I can tell you what those mean! Contacting a web analyst like myself ‘before’ launching into online promotion can save headaches and money in the long run.

Just like any studio, we are all working on our craft. If I don’t have time to create or update a site, I can refer you to someone who can.


Notez bien: Que oui…je parle français, mon amie programmeur aussi! , mais pour l’écrit…nous avons du travail à faire… 😉 …si vous avez besoin de texte en français, faudrait nous l’envoyer.

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