Artbo – The Art of Being Outside

Art is an adventure for plein air artists, it is the discovery of a hidden glade, an extraordinary stormy sky, or a new technique that brings these landscapes to life. The same creative vein flows through many of our professions. As a business analyst, I use my creative skills to visualize better ways to do business! An artist’s eye helps in the restoration of old aircraft or old buildings, in the design of new business processes or the creation of educational programs.

Canadian Artists

Canadian artists travel the world to find different inspiration but home offers a lot too! Canada offers a wide variety of subjects, from historical buildings to breathtaking mountain vistas. What brings artists out into the forests and city streets to capture the essence of the moment? A view that inspires, an image in the mind’s eye, that must be released.

“It’s important to remember that they were following in the footsteps of the Impressionists that had been painting in plein air at least 50 years before the Group. And, many of the British soldiers that came to Canada in the 1800’s were trained in watercolour painting and sketching just so they could record the landscape. That didn’t make it popular but it does show that there is a tradition of plein air painting that goes back before the Group. The Group of Seven also popularized the idea of going out into the Canadian wilderness to paint. (^)
Charles Spratt, Plein Air Painter

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